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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Simple home made Chocolate Easter Egg

As a lover of chocolate, their is nothing better than attempting to make a home made Easter egg, its something you can get the whole family involved with. The reason i love to play with chocolate and other foods is that you can nibble on leftovers or  hide any mistakes by simply eating them.

This is a really easy way of creating an Easter egg with out all the expensive moulds,and can give an effective final result. All your going to need is White and Dark or Milk chocolate, eggs, clingfilm, a piping bag and inspiration.

 Step 1. First melt the chocolates seperatly in a bowl over hot water  ( to save washing up i like to put the chocolate into sealed sandwich bags and just drop them in the hot water. Then clingfilm some raw eggs, this will be your mould. make sure there are no air bubbles.
Step 2. Dip half of the wrapped egg into the melted chocolate using the clingfilm to hold on to the egg, with the molten chocolate on the top half of the egg gently tap the bottom of the egg to thin out the chocolate coating. Then place in the fridge for a few minutes.

Step 3. Gently peel of the chocolate shell by removing the clingfilm. You will notice that the edges are not flat which would be no good when the two halves are put together so here is a simple trick.

Lay the jagged edges of the half shell on to tinfoil and hold it over a candle or a gas hob until the edges melt a little, this will give a nice even edge. Also the melted part of the chocolate makes a great glue so stick the two halves together at this point.

Step 4 With the melted White chocolate in a piping bag, pipe your design on to the egg, i did traditional diamond shapes but you are the artist this time. So go mad.

 I also used half of a chocolate shell upside down to make a nest for an Easter Chick made with Malteasers.


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