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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Feathered Chocolate for a Professional finish

Feathered Chocolate really adds the wow factor to deserts and is guaranteed  to have your guests asking " how did you do that ?" Its also a great table decoration unless the room is to hot of course. we wouldn't want melted chocolate all over the table cloth would we !  OK less of the chat, Ill show you how its done right here :-

Step1. Melt dark or milk chocolate and spread evenly onto greaseproof paper roughly 1-2mm thick. A warm knife helps the smooth finish. It is important that the chocolate dose not set.
 Step 2. With melted white chocolate in a piping bag run the chocolate in straight lines across the dark chocolate.At this point it is important to keep the chocolate from setting. For best results try to get the white chocolate lines as thin and as close as possible.
 Step 3. While both chocolates are still in the melted state, use a cocktail stick to drag through the lines of white chocolate from top to bottom, then on the next line go from the bottom to the top and repeat to the end of the chocolate.
Cool in the fridge.

Step 4. Using a warm sharp knife cut the chocolate into pieces not forgetting to peel of the greaseproof paper from the back of the chocolate.

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

Use to decorate  the tops of cheesecake's, ice cream, chocolate cakes . The Feathered chocolate can be cut into any shape by using hot knives or pastry cutters. Other similar effects can be made by simply criss-crossing the white chocolate.