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Sunday, 27 March 2011

My Simple Easter Egg Salad

Easter egg salad with micro herbs and pomegranate dressing.
Easter time is nearly upon us, and i would like to introduce to you, my Simple Easter egg salad. This simple salad really brings the wow factor to your table.
I am always playing with my food and trying to find ways to jazz up a simple dish this egg dish is ideal to do with the kids and only takes as long as boiling an egg,

                       I must admit the first time i made these eggs was not for an Easter themed dish it was actually for a Halloween Buffet and i made them look like eyeballs, however you can make so many different looking eggs like these , a cross between the famous Faberge egg and a foil wrapped chocolate Easter egg. My kids like to think they are dinosaur eggs. Below ill show you just how its done.

Step 1. Bring to the boil a small pan of water and gently drop in your egg, boil for two minutes,  

Step 2. Take the egg out of the water and gently tap the shell with the back of a spoon to make small cracks in the shell, add your choice of food colouring into the water, if you want to use two colours i would suggest using the darker colour your cracked egg back into the coloured water for a minute, you can also pick off small parts of the shell to add more colour to the egg.

Step 3. Simply cook for one more minute and shell the egg or peel a little more shell off and then add to another pan of water with a different colour added.

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