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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Playing with a Red nose day buffet

OK so I've decided to cater for a Red nose day fund raising event. The theme for the buffet is obviously Red nose so red food it is! Although I've been in catering for a long time now there isn't a huge amount of red foods, so i can see red food colouring coming in quite handy, as a family event i will be catering for adults and children.
Ive been playing around with ideas in my head for the menu -

  • Pomegranate cocktails on arrival with blood orange ice cubes(Alcoholic)
  • Red fruit Punch (for the kids)
  • Spicy salmon and baby plum tomato kebabs
  • Achote marinated chicken,chorizo and red pepper kebabs
  • Red nose sushi rolls stuffed with smoked salmon
  • Warm toasted brochette with tomato and red onion salsa
  •  Salad of beef tomato and red peppers
  • beetroot and sweet potato salad
  • Individual boiled egg salad topped with a "Maire Nose" sauce
  • Roasted paprika stuffed peppers
  • Strawberry jelly's
  • Water melon balls with a carved water melon swan
  • Tower of red noses ( red iced profiteroles)
So those are my ideas is this is first food blog ill let you know how i get on and will try to add some pictures ect

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