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Friday, 18 March 2011

" Play with your food "

So as a child,  you didnt always eat your greens like your mother told you too. To be quite honest boiled cabbage and spongy sprouts dosnt look, sound or smell appitising.  I soon found out that pushing the vegetables around my plate or pushing them under the mash wasnt going to fool my perants in thinking id eaten them. I still beleve they have eyes in the back of their heads, i didnt ever get away with it.

Back to my point, have you ever been told to "  STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD!!  " well i certanly have many times . The only problem was how much i enjoyed playing with  my food, it soon became apparant that it wasnt only my own food i enjoyed playing with......

Simple Watermelon Swan
Now at the age of 31 i say " PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD " its fun !!!

Butter roses a great centre piece
ive spent all my working life as a chef creating dishes that make people smile , in buffets , deserts, canapes, even bread and butter.

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