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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Red nose buffet "done !"

I'm happy to tell you that the Red nose day buffet was well received and a huge success  i had many compliments on the buffet style.
Some of my ideas worked well and some gave me a little trouble,
the tower of profiteroles just did not want to grow any taller as they seemed to be collapsing on each other. The profiteroles where quite soft to be honest so maybe ill crisp them up a little next time.

Red nose profiteroles
 One thing for sure is that i still haven't got all the colour of my hands. This was a fun catering event and cant wait for next year.

           So much Red

Simple Strawberry jelly
Potato salad encased in sliced tomatoes
I must admit the deserts on this buffet gave me the most pleasure, it took me back to being a child working with with bright bold colours, it certainly gave a bold statement.

So these are a few of the dishes served on the red nose day buffet let me know if you have any other ideas that you played with , cant wait until the next one.


  1. Strawberry jellies look great. What are the pink and white items on the tray?

  2. thanks for the comment, the pink and while items are my Boiled Eggs covered with mayo and a Marie Rose Sauce