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Friday, 25 March 2011

Customer comments in restaurants that will make you laugh

Working in a customer based industry such as  Hospitality and catering the customer is the number one priority, it is extremely important to listen and understand what your customers want and expect from you. Chatting to the customers is part of the fun for me and i have gained many ideas from doing so, often complaints work to make your products or dishes better. I always appreciate constructive criticism. In the kitchen we don't have problems we just have opportunities for solutions. however sometimes you just have to bite your lip.

Here are a few comments that have made me laugh in the past
  • Are the beef tomatoes vegetarian?
  • Is there dairy in my bread and butter pudding
  • My braised beef is to well done! this one creeps up time to time lol
  •  Why is my chilled soup(gazpacho) cold and i noted is was on the menu as chilled
  • My fish is too fishy
  • The shellfish allergy WHEN ITS A CRAB Restaurant! why are you here?
  • "can i get my calimari with less testicles"
  • Why is their no Vegetarian option on the “Steak menu”
  • A customer orders Creme' Brulee  sends it back because there is no cream.?
  • Orders Beef Strogonoff sends it back because she does not like mushrooms?
  • He didn't like the soup ,and the last time did not like the pizza??? We have never served or sold Pizza????
  •  Orders an escalope of salmon and  complains as their is no scallop
    • This one is by far my favourite....
    •  Can I please order a large Dairy free cheese omelette.
     So although comments and criticism is always encouraged just remember to think before you do!

    I cant just blame customers for silly comments, some members of the staff are rather gullible to...

    A waitress once asked if Sea Bass was a sustainable fish, i said yes. She asked why? I told her that the fishermen catch the sea bass "commonly known as the sea cow" and take out the fillet which doesn't hurt the fish, and then lets it swim away, it regrows the missing fillet, therefor it is a sustainable fish. Unfortunately she believed me and told one of my customers exactly that, woops!

    A new waiter asked me about different types of vegetarians, but didn't understand what was different about a Vegan, so obviously i told him, A Vegan i said is a person who chooses not to eat any vegetables that casts a shadow!!!!!!!! yep it took over two weeks for him to get back to me.

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