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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Make some simple Chocolate truffles for mothers day

Trio of chocolate truffles, coffee custard and dark chocolate icecream
Chocolates and chocolate truffles are not as hard to make as you might think ! All supermarkets are making them, as well as the usual chocolate shops. If tempering chocolate sounds to technical don't bother, theirs plenty of chocolate that doesn't require it and still gives of a nice shiny

Truffles can come in all shapes and sizes, tastes and textures, the more crazy the better for me. Some of my favourites are-

  • Dark chocolate sticky toffee pudding
  • Black forest Gateaux
  • Sea salt and Lime
  • vanilla and pistachio
  • anything alcoholic 
The very easiest way to make a truffle is to first decide what kind of flavours you want to use ? Have you got any left overs to use up?

On many occasions as a chef i have turned other dishes into truffles to use as petite fores to serve with coffee as with one of my favorites above ( sticky toffee pudding)

Lets take this for example, all you need to do for this truffle is melt a quality dark chocolate and bind it with the sticky toffee pudding adding a little cream or butterscotch to make the required consistency. Chill the mix for a while until firm enough to roll onto balls or scoop with a melon baller and simply dip the balls into more melted chocolate.

You can even mush up the last portion of chocolate fudge cake with melted chocolate for a different flavour !

For a softer smoother centre just add a little cream to melted chocolate and allow to cool for a melt in your mouth consistency.

Its not necessary to buy all sorts of equipment and moulds for these simple delights . Use what ever  you have around ice cube trays work very well, Just get your hands stuck in ( give them a wash before though ! )


  1. These ideas are a brilliant follow on from the Red nose day buffet ideas!
    Can't wait for the Easter blog to make more great treats for the Kiddywinks!

  2. Hi Andy i made some truffles with an almond tart that i had left over and just mixed it with chocolate oh i added some Baileys too. i just rolled them in coco powder and it worked a treat thanks loving the tips.