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Friday, 3 February 2012

3D Interactive Jurassic Park Cake

3D Interactive Jurassic Park Birthday Cake

I made this cake for a 3 year old little boy called Hugo, amazingly he asked his Mummy for a scary Jurassic Park birthday cake, well not one for wanting to frighten children i decided on not making the T-Rex to nasty but to introduce some fun in to this birthday cake...

Any one who knows me , knows how much i love to play with food, i have done from a young lad, i loved dinosaurs and defiantly loved to play in the mud, so this was the perfect cake for me to make as i still thnk im a child at heart and many will agree.

Cakes look and taste nice, but what better than playing with your food, I know lots of mums and dads tell their kids not to but i have to disagree, its all about the fun.

So i decided that for Hugo's cake i was going to make it a little interactive, and give Hugo the chance to dig and excavate his own dinosaur. 
Fondant T-Rex skeleton 
I firstly made up the T-rex skull by accident. I had never made a dinosaur out of fondant so practiced with white fondant icing, well, my first attempt didn't go to well and looked more like a skull,  and as a skull it didn't look to bad at all, so proceeded to make the rest of the skeleton and ended up with the above design.

After a few practice attempts at a T-Rex head i finally got it to something resembling the beast, at this time he was toothless. after doing a little Dino dentistry the gummy beast finally came alive and resembled a T-Rex.
T-Rex missing Front Teeth and eyes

Completed head and claws
I made some basic claws from fondant to go either side of the head to give the impression that the animal was clawing its way through the wall.

In this design i wanted the T-Rex to be smashing down the gates of Jurassic Park almost pouncing out to get you, i think i got the effect i was looking for. My major concern for this part of the cake was how on earth i could stand it up on the cake without it tipping over as the head was solid fondant and was quite heavy.

I like to make all my cakes completely edible if i can , especially if its for a child. So to support the large door i made the frame from Chocolate and rice crispy s, another child hood favorite of mine.
The gates to Jurassic Park

Covering up the bones
So next i had to cut some holes in the cake to hold the heavy gate and head, then arranged the skeleton on the cake board as if it had been their for thousands of years. I made a boarder of rocks and stones so i could cover up the skeleton with edible soil, this also helped it stay on the cake board. I mixed black and white fondant until the rocks had a slight marbled effect to make them a little more realistic.

I Simply used crumbed Chocolate cake to get the effect of soil and added a few scattered fondant pebbles for good measure.

More Pictures

Uncovered T-Rex Bones
Eat or be Eaten 

Hugo's Jurassic Park

Peek a Booooo

Dino Skull

An edible Discovery

Done !!!

Coming to get you !!!
Side View breaking out

Rice Crispy cake

Chocolate Cake Soil

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