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Monday, 20 June 2011

How To Make a Fairy Tale Castle Birthday Cake

Girls Fairy Tale Birthday Cake
Basic Turret shape
All the Bits and Bobs
 This is my first attempt at making a Fairy tale castle and is quite special to me as it was a Birthday cake for my 7 year old little girl so her expectations were high to say the least.

Before playing with sponge or icing i drew up a template of each part of the cake , walls, turrets, roof ect, i find it easier to work from templates especially for a larger cake as this one.

I simply rolled fondant icing around plastic pipes for the turrets and allowed to dry slightly before adding the roof tops, I added cocktail sticks to attach the flags later.

Using a polystyrene block I was able to hold all the parts upright. This makes things so much easier and helps thing from rolling of the table.

 To make the stone blocks for the door way and path I simply rolled sausages of gray icing and sliced if individual slabs.

For the walls of the Castle cake, I cut the shapes out from the template and allowed to dry over night just to firm them up a little as I wanted to stick them to the cake, rather than cover the cake totally in the pink icing, although this method would work just as well.

After baking the two sponges one round for the base and a square for the castle, I covered the round with butter icing and then covered with a white fondant taking care to keep any air bubbles.

Placing the square cake on top in the centre I began to stick the castle sides on to the sponge using butter icing small ajustments needed to be made to the sides to fit the turrets snugly.
With the rough shape of the castle now completed I added a simple flat top to the cake made from the same coloured icing as the walls, I made sure this was firmly attached to the sponge as it will be holding the final turrets.

As in the picture bellow I made the turret roofs from wrapping gray icing over paper cones, the paper can be wrapped in cling film before covering with icing, if done in advance these can be dried and the paper cones can be removed if preferred.
I added the cocktail sticks while the icing was soft so I could add flags later.
Castle Cake Coming Together
Adding four more turrets to the top of the cake really gives the cake some hight, I used several different sizes to give this effect. I added more detail to the roof tops by using the end of a clean pen lid to add tile effects, which turned out great.

After looking at the cake for a while it became apparent that the base cake colour just didn't seem to match the bright pink Castle so I added a pail pink design around the sides to tie in the White and pink colour, I could have saved myself some time and done this before adding the castle on top. Sometimes you have to take a step back and ask for other peoples opinions on your design, some you like some you don't but they always seem to help.

 Final Fairy Tail Birthday Cake
Pink detail around the base cake


  1. Hi your cake is very pretty did you take the toilet rolls out after they had dried or did you leave them in, did you use fondant or flowerpaste?

  2. Hi Kate
    I used plastic tubes and yes i removed them after the fondant had hardened, i also added tylo powder to harden the fondant .