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Sunday, 17 April 2011

The ultimate, most important recipe in a chefs career.

As a chef, especially if you're starting out in the industry, this recipe is the most important recipe you will ever have to learn.

It will be used day in , day out. It will make the difference between a successful career and a flash in the pan.

You will gain respect from colleagues and make yourself a well respected member of your catering team.

Every chef has created their own variations of the recipe that will stick with them through out there career, tweaked to perfection along the way.

I have personally shared my recipe with many budding chefs and colleagues, very few have mastered this recipe to perfection.

Not only are the correct measurements needed, time and speed is without a doubt the most important !

Not to be confused with the classic "mornay" sauce this has a history of over hundreds of years !

I'm sure Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver have their own secret recipe but my recipe will never be found in a cookery book.

With practice you will succeed with this recipe. Here goes:

MORNING SAUCE a single serving

200ml water
16g x caster sugar
50ml x full fat milk
1.8g Natural Coffee granules

Bring to the simmer 200ml of water, this is a critical stage do not boil or you may have to start over!

In a clean glass measuring jug mix the caster sugar and the coffee granules , this must be done a little at a time.

Slowly add the hot water to the dry mix, stirring continuously clockwise.

Once the dry ingredients have dissolved, slowly add the full fat milk this time stirring anti clockwise.

Finally pour into a Clean Mug or Cup and serve immediately.

Simple !!!!!

Morning sauce really is the most important recipe I know. On a serious note. It sets you up for a hard days work and improves staff morale and if you master every chefs' preferred tea or coffee in the morning you will find them much less grumpy.

This recipe was given to me by one of my first head chefs, he liked his milk whisked for 5 minutes until it was a whipped cream consistency, I soon found out after a while that you can't whisk milk !

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  1. It really is 1 of the most important recipes that everyone should learn, personally i like to substitute the coffee granules with 1 english tea bag