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Monday, 21 March 2011

Simple steps to make a water Lily napkin

Ive been quite surprised by how many people compliment me on the use of the water Lily napkin, and I've been asked by many to show them how to do it ! I'm not an Origami expert but i certainly enjoyed playing around with multicoloured paper when i was a child. Its not dissimilar to cooking as you start with a raw ingredient ( paper) and turn it into something for someone to enjoy. So here are a few simple steps to make the Lily, use it to hold bread rolls dips or even just a napkin. This can be made from paper napkins ( 2 ply is better ) or linen napkins which i think gives a more professional finish.
 Step 1. Open out the napkin into a square, fold the corners into the center of the square so all four corners meet in the middle. You should now have a smaller square. Crease where the napkin has been folded for a better final result.

 Step 2. Simply repeat step 1 by folding the corners into the center, the more accurate you are with getting the corners to line up with each other the better the result.
Step 3. Turn over the napkin, so the side with no folds is facing you. Once again fold the corners into the center. At this point you may have to hold the corners down with your finger.

Step 4. Keeping your finger holding down the four corners (now in the center), reach under the napkin with your other hand and gently pull out the the four corner pieces from the center outwards, do these one at a time. These will become the first four petals.
 Step 5. Repeat step 4 and gently pull out the last four petals from underneath. the more you pull on these petals will determine how rounded your Lily will become. you can bend back the last four petals for a better finish.

 I sometimes like to add other parts to the Lily , I simply wrap the napkin around tinfoil and curl it with a pencil or something of a similar shape and size.

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